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Why Bl. Carlo Acutis Is the Ultimate Catholic Creator

The 4 means of imitation for any cyber missionary to follow

Bl. Carlo Acutis died in 2006, only at 15 years of age, yet he left an inspiring legacy and will be remembered till the end of time because of his importance.

Through many acts of evangelization, particularly his Eucharistic Miracles website, he laid down a foundation and way of life that any Catholic creator should follow.

This young boy was one of the first apostles of the internet, and now it is our charge to take up this calling to spread the Gospel to all ends of the earth.

To celebrate the founding of our Confraternity of Carlo Acutis, a society focused on building digital disciples (which we invite you to join: click here), we hone in on the four main virtues of Bl. Carlo.


Bl. Carlo Acutis exemplified humility in his actions, not desiring worldly fame or accomplishments, but lasting spiritual richness. 

May we too humble ourselves so that Jesus may reign in our hearts.


Bl. Carlo loved Jesus, especially in the Eucharist, and this love flowed outward into everything he did.

May we love God and our neighbors, for God loves us.


When it was his time to die, Bl. Carlo resigned himself to the will of God and accepted his impending death with serenity.

May God’s will be done and not our own will.


Bl. Carlo Acutis evangelized in extraordinary ways not because he trusted in his own strength, but relied on Jesus with all his love, who all the more inflamed his desire to make the love of Jesus known to all.

May we place all of our strength in Jesus and do all things through Him.


If you feel that God is calling you to take this calling of "digital disciple" more seriously, we welcome you to join the Confraternity of Carlo Acutis

A confraternity of cyber missionaries, dedicated to evangelization through means of modern technology, modeled around the virtues of Bl. Carlo Acutis


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