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The Catholic Creators army is the foundation of a next-generation media company, I AM Catholic

All of our content is released for absolutely free

We pay-out half of our contributions to our creators

We offer unique advertising opportunities

Imagine Multimedia Produced by Hundreds of Creators

A movement lead by creators, not executives

An apostolate that aims to be a global network for a new generation of voices, creates excellent media, and faces head on the age of the internet

If you would like to join the movement as a creator, click here

A Revival of Catholic Music

Composed of independent musical talent, our team is producing renditions of ancient works while creating pieces for modern times. By connecting musicians from across the world, we hope to produce original renditions of the wonderful oeuvre of Catholic music, while also collaborating on new songs for the glory of God. We are distributing music to thousands of listeners each month.

Copy of sacredmusicbanner (7).png

Do you want to create new content alongside hundreds of other creators, or publish your existing content through us? Check out the details for I AM Catholic creators or Sacred Music musicians.


For the modern consumer, one of the best advertisements your company can have is one so integrated in a piece of entertainment that it doesn't seem like an ad. With our huge YouTube network and original shows, we offer this opportunity. We also offer some forms of traditional advertising. If you are interested at all, let's talk today!

Squires or supporters are necessary for any army, even if they don't necessarily do any frontline fighting. To strengthen our army of creators, we are dependent on the support of our squires, or people who pray for our success, financially contribute, and share our mission through our affiliate program. Join here.

I AM Catholic is the home of a marketplace (only located in the USA for now), featuring unique products from independent sellers as well as traditional best-sellers. Add your products.

Want To Distribute Your Content With I AM Catholic?

We are glad to partner with independent creators, and able to amplify their reach, through our multimedia company

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