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Agency Guild

Sacred Heart Creative Co. is a worldwide agency founded by Catholic Creators.

We partner with independent creators, freelancers, and other creative agencies.

By joining our Guild, your partnership with us means that you are willing to take on new jobs.

Our Guild receives clients of all-types, however you will only be given the work that you are able to do.


Ask God if He wants you to join this army. We extend our hand to welcome you.

Your Mission

We exist to serve you. We will help you connect with clients and have a steady flow of work, that way your efforts are rewarding. You will remain totally independent—your work is your work.


We are an agency with an aim of changing the world by creating excellent media


You are able to work together with and learn from some of the best digital disciples in the world today.

Let's work together on an adventure of a lifetime, all for the Glory of God!

Sacred Heart Creative Co. is a united agency
eager to build up the Church!

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