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Turning an Audio Podcast Into Video (A beautiful thing)

I AM Catholic, our parent company, has had many good and collaborative interactions with Angela Ward, an actor and podcaster from the UK.

First, she was welcomed onto our Catholic Nexus podcast to promote her own audio drama podcast about women in the Gospel.

Second, as she was a contact we knew, we were able to recommend her as a voice actor for the Augustine Institute's Amen App, being directly asked by their Audio Specialist if we could put him in contact with more Catholic talent.

Thirdly, we were able to add another dimension to her purely audio podcast, adapting it to YouTube and Instagram or Facebook.

The YouTube series, still to be fully released, was a hallmark of our collaboration efforts with other creators. We turned the audio file into something that immerses the viewer in the story Angela was trying to tell. From a high quality intro, effects such as a moving audio bar, and integrating clips of Angela herself reading the story, this series is sure to be a success.

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