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Answering Diverse Requests for Children of the Eucharist

Connie Schneider, a founder of a worldwide apostolate that has been featured on EWTN a number of times, reached out last Christmas. During our phone call, she talk about her struggles with adapting to the new technologies, but also her huge plans to have a Rosary event, composed of children, broadcast in about 7 different countries.

Her requests were this: An affordable Catholic programmer who could revitalize their mobile site without hurting about 20 years of web content, AI art campaign featuring children from countries across the world praying the Rosary, and excellent AI translation of her broadcast into many different languages.

We were able to find no less than 3 programmers right after the need was told, each willing to work for a lower price than usual to help out a wonderful organization. As for the other requests, utilizing AI is something we excel at and hope to help this apostolate with once the date of the broadcast is closer.

We are ready to provide unique and caring help to you. Let's talk today!

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