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Editing Music Videos for the Dominican Province of Toulouse

This is perhaps a favorite story of the agency when it looks back on its adventure so far.

Our parent company, I AM Catholic has its Sacred Music branch. The idea of Sacred Music is to revitalize exisiting Catholic music on the internet (which includes a lot of Creative Commons music) by sharing it and promoting it.

So the story goes, we posted some videos of a Dominican choir on our channel, putting a lot of effort into the thumbnails and presentation, even crafting complilation tapes.

One day, we received an email from a french address. It read:


I have just seen my vidéos on your channel,

Don't hesitate to get in contact with us and see how we can colaborate !

Could you share our new concert on your facebook?"

The rest is history!

After an exchange of what we could do to help, we were sent a folder with 20 unedited videos.

We sent over the file to one of our editors and in a few days they were sent back, fully polished.

Through Sacred Music, our recrafted videos of this Dominican choir, including promotion on Facebook page and including them in a documentary, has helped them reach thousands of more people. We saved them hours of time and allowed them to spend more time doing what they do best: singing for the glory of God!

Let us help you in a number of ways! Let's talk.

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