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Thumbnail Production for a Talk by John Sottosanti

John Sottosanti, a well accomplished surgeon, and the author of 'Mortal Adhesions' (a book about battling the seven deadly sins), had filmed a talk given to promote his book and inspire others. To help this talk reach more people, he approached us. An image that gets clicks and garners curiosity is a way to do that.

After extensive thumbnail craft, we produced one of our best yet. This thumbnail features an engaging and noticable font for many different platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, and so on.

The background map and the snippet of John ridding his bike were both very blurry, but we enhanced these using AI tools. The center image of John in his scrubs was already a high quality photo, but we made it even better by once again using AI.

With shadows added to the sides of the video, plus small details like lens flares, the overall thumbnail was further improved. And perhaps the cherry on the top was something you probably didn't notice. John remarked after: "These are wonderful. I love how my shoulder pushes the "D" in God out of the way! That's the way my life was!"

Let us deliver impressive results for you! Let's talk today.

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